The many areas of difference between malcolm x and martin luther king jr

MLK and X seemingly preach two opposing futures for black politics. In further dissonance with MLK, he felt that if whites could defend themselves, why not blacks? It is impossible for this system, this economic system, this political system, this social system, this system period.

He was fairly tall and wore a long powder blue wool trench coat and a fez hat. That's what you mean by non-violent: I am writing with the benefit of first hand knowledge of what took place that day, what Malcolm X stood for at the time of his death, and the hope for the future that inspired all who heard or knew the man.

This has been consciously done to make it appear that the NOI alone had a motive to kill Malcolm X and to exonerate the role of the government in the assassination. Unfortunately, the civil rights movement, after Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, subordinated independent mass struggle in the streets to electoral activity: Martin was popular among the less radical.

King believed that violence would give the opposition something to use to rally support against the civil rights movement.

Differences Between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

This gave time to anyone who wanted King dead to plan an assassination and made it more difficult for the FBI to be accused of the crime. Every student must complete their own organizer in order to fulfill the assignment, even if they are working in groups.

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Only on this basis can the African-American working class take its rightful place as masters of the country that was built by the blood and sweat of its slavery: November 14, King echoed Malcolm X when he said in a speech in front of his staff: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now we can finally move on with our lives. Integration versus separatism, nonviolence versus armed self-defense: Only on this basis can the age-old double exploitation of Blacks be eliminated and replaced by a society fit for all human beings to live in.

Every student must complete their own organizer in order to fulfil the assignment, even if they are working in groups. Home Malcolm X and Martin Luther King A portrait of two different voices whose demands for black equality gave rise to gains in American civil rights. Malcolm, Islam and Martin, Southern Baptist.

What was the difference between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr?

Martin Luther King on the other hand became somewhat frustrated by the fact that no real progress was being made on equality, and started to oppose some of his moral ideologies by, for example, using children as young as 8 years old during one of his campaigns against Birmingham Alabama.

A Photographic History, He pointed out that the northern liberals, who had given moral and financial support to the struggle against Jim Crow, would not give such support to the efforts to end economic segregation.

It is been known that Martin Luther was looking for freedom only not Malcolm x who actually was looking for a new community for the black society in fact. He also spoke about how Black workers made half the wages of white workers From his experience when he started his campaign for equality in Chicago and elsewhere in the North, King concluded in this speech that to deal with this problem of the Two Americas was much more difficult than to get rid of legal segregation.

Solidifying his nonviolent zeal, he founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. TV was young in the United States and King intuitively understood how to use the medium to highlight a non-violent black protest movement against white racist aggression. The majority of the country dismissed King solely as a civil rights activist who should not interject in foreign affairs.

Following his suspension and continual conflicts with Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm travelled to Mecca to become a Sunni Muslim. The jury was clearly convinced by the extensive evidence that was presented during the trial that, in addition to Mr.

Nonviolence was at the heart of his philosophy of life and proved to be an extremely effective strategy of social change. He said he put this man--not otherwise identified later for newsmen--into a police car to be taken to the Wadsworth Avenue station.

It is reported that they firebombed his house and were responsible for his assassination on February 21,following a rally in New York. Martin Luther King gave his public reaction a few days later: Ray was set up to take the blame.

The Civil Rights Movement: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

On February 21,Malcolm X was assassinated in New York, bringing an end to one of the most famous political debates in the history of black Americans. When I discovered and realized the complicity, of the government, in both assassinations, I then felt compelled to write this essay, based upon what I learned and my own personal experience.

Distribute the excerpts from Dr. And we will know him then for what he was and is - a Prince - our own black shining Prince! Both deny the evolution of his thinking, reflecting his revolutionary development in the last year of his life, and discounted any possibility of government complicity or motive in the assassination.

After a hearing about the Civil Rights Act in Washington inthey finally met face to face. Integration and nationalist agendas were not unfamiliar to either man.Over forty years ago, Malcolm X () and Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. () were assassinated. In the case of Malcolm X, several members of the Nation of Islam (NOI) were convicted of the assassination.

Nov 13,  · In a very loose sense, Malcolm X advocated the use of force (think "By any means necessary!"), and Martin Luther King Jr. was a peaceful demonstrator, that advocated turning the other cheek.

spewing_originality · 1 decade agoStatus: Resolved. What similarities and differences do you see between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Junior? Update Cancel. Different areas of practice: Dr. King was mostly a political activist, who sought to apply pressure to political figures in his campaigns to effect change.

What do you think on the clash between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Malcolm X vs. Martin Luther King Jr. Words | 7 Pages. assemble a specific group of people, for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Differences Between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

and Malcolm X it was the black community that needed to rise up in hopes of achieving equal rights and voting rights for the blacks. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were two of the most prominent leaders and orators at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. Although both leaders possessed the same objectives, their outlooks and perspectives differed immensely.

After Malcolm X's violent death in Februaryand amidst urban riots the following year, increasing numbers of black youth rejected Martin Luther King, Jr.'s nonviolent methods and sought a more militant approach to combating white supremacy in America.

The many areas of difference between malcolm x and martin luther king jr
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