The great fuzz frenzy writing activities

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November Read-Alouds!

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Students have to think critically to put the events in order. Reaching for the shampoo, she proceeded to wash her long blonde hair. Our main character, Howard Cole, is a professional male dominant for women.

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Great Fuzz Frenzy; Kick in the Head; Poke in the I Edit one of these to include specific activities, assessments, and examples. Read a Choose Your Own Adventure. Who would have guessed that its arrival would cause a great fuzz frenzy? And what will happen when all the fuzz is gone?

Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, award-winning picture-book creators and fuzz fashionistas, present an outlandish adventure about greed, teamwork, and fabulous fuzziness. The Great Fuzz Frenzy Teacher Tips Jackalope Teacher Tips; PLAIDYPUS LOST TEACHER TIPS.

1. Opposites: Have students find the opposite pairs in story as you read it. List them on blackboard or chart paper. Have students add more opposites to the list. Have students write their own opposites story. 2. Sequencing and comprehension activities.

The Great Fuzz Frenzy is a long time favorite in our house and I love to read it because it give my inner drama queen (well, it’s actually more of an outer drama queen) the opportunity to create lots of funny voices.

Submission in Seattle

Find out what happens when a tennis ball rolls into a prairie dog burrow.

The great fuzz frenzy writing activities
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