Significance study about tardiness in the philippine school

Hence, the students in the school are not only assessed for the demonstration of their intellectual capabilities but also their behavior. Not surprisingly, for the student body as a wholestudent tardiness and unexcused absences are highly correlated. The significance of study in this situation is that you will not learn about the subject unless you are willing to take the time to look up the information and learn it.

Breakdown of probable causes 8 c. This information gives us the detail on how they spend their residual time after classes or while class is going on.

A higher percentage of work force injuries can also result in higher insurance premiums. Breakdown of probable causes 1. The practice of standing on line late for school seems to repeat itself each year.

Therefore, students should use their time wisely and do their best at all times. Its duties are to hear the students charge and recommend the necessary action to be taken. Not surprisingly, for the student body as a wholestudent tardiness and unexcused absences are highly correlated.

When proposing a study, it is important to explain why it is important for the study to be undertaken and to indicate the likelihood of its contribution to the advancement of knowledge. Classroom supervision 9 c. American Journal of Public Health, 87 12 Later, six weeks intervention was planned for the identified students and incentives were attached for them for coming on time.

Intervention in School and Clinic, Hence the researchers picked up this problem to address this problem creatively and effectively.

Tardiness: High School and Students

Its duties are to hear the students charge and recommend the necessary action to be taken. The second tool was designed in order to gather qualitative data where the students and teachers were given the questionnaires to record their perceptions and outputs regarding student tardiness.

As it is apparent from the above stated, that psychological variables are a key determinant of tardiness and absenteeism. Researchers view tardiness as a form of absence because this is how students miss a part of their class regardless of being excused or not.

A student who have a complete 10 hours of undisturbed and sounding sleep was generally gaining outstanding results in academic excellence. The data included observations in two phases; pre-intervention observation and a post intervention observation by reviewing the attendance register.

It is important if you want to learn something on your own. To pilot the intervention and its impact on the students tardiness.

Many researchers — 25 MizellStradford and Ligon and Jackson — have found that excessive tardiness and absenteeism are characteristics of students who drop out of school. Finally, a post-test was carried out to see the post intervention impact. Also refers to the rate of people not showing up for work.

Since it is observed through the study that providing students with rewards and incentives for not being tardy to the school worked, therefore this strategy can be applied as school-wide policy.

This was noted by the researcher for this mall but dominant few had made significant stimulus in students who are easily influencedbecause of varied reasons.

The characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. Other students had just the difficulty in optimizing their time as their subject related activities grows in bulk.

Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE CANCEL The significance of studying tardiness and absenteeism in the work force is that a high number in either category could result in workers getting hurt on the job. There is a student who was influenced by peer, a parent who negatively adjudged the education privileges of a child and a student who has a problem on sleep habit, the 23 number of student in this study with strikingly averse situation from the other student is less significant to negligible percentage.

There was an indication that student had to sleep after midnight and would have adequacy on the number of hours of their sleep which might be the eason for leniency in their study. Figure below Figure 1. In Figure 2, if a student would sleep at Studies on the relationship between diet and the defined research problem have directly identified nutrition as the source behind tardiness.

A time travelling machine. The familiar faces of students lined up each morning in the Discipline Office with no apparent emotion or concern, without shame showing how lazy they are in coming to School.

Llorente for their moral support; to their brothers and sisters; to their relatives and friends for their assistance, and to the Lord Almighty for his everlasting love and kindness. The explicit outcome of the answers will be categorized in factors that affect their punctuality values in attending to their classes or other learning related activities.

Giving weight in time management and valuing the virtue of punctuality.Prevention of tardiness among the high school students of Manresa School. C. Objectives of the Study At the end of the study, the group is expected to 1.

To find out why the high school students of Manresa school are tardy. 2. To prove that it is possible for the students. Research Brief Strategies for dealing with tardiness Question: What works to reduce tardiness? suspended after reading a parody of his school's tardiness policy to a group of friends in the cafeteria.

Tardiness: High School and Students

Smith's commentary, written at home, criticized the school's new tardiness policy, the process leading The focus of this study was the school. The study will be conducted within the class of Fourth Year – Phoenix students.

This group of student belongs to Basic Education Curriculum Program of Kidapawan City National High School and considered as outstanding students of the Fourth year level. The study of dehydration technology and craft fabrication can be a learning paradigm in the secondary level and vocational schools to enhance the students’ knowledge and entrepreneurial skills as well.

A study by Hammill Institute on Disabilities (Caldarella, Christensen, Young & Densley, ), looked at decreasing tardiness in primary school-aged students using teacher-written praise notes.

The researchers found that students who are frequently late to school often miss out on important opening announcements and academic activities.

I. INTRODUCTION Many Senior High school students come late to school and as a result; academic subjects will be affected as well as the grades, and they will be able to miss classes as it affects their class performance that is why every Senior High school student should eliminate the cause regarding tardiness.

A tardy student presents a lack of responsibility%(5).

Significance study about tardiness in the philippine school
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