Reflexes muscle and reflex reinforcement

The Iliac Reflexes Tapping over the iliac crest is followed by contraction of the lower abdominal muscles. Collect patellar reflex data without and with reinforcement. A total of 10—15 reflexes should appear on the graph.

Another technique is having the patient sit with one leg crossed over the other and tapping the patellar tendon of the uppermost leg, but this method does not facilitate side-to-side comparison.

Aids to the investigation of peripheral nerve injuries. The Deltoid Reflex Tapping over the insertion of the deltoid muscle at the junction of the upper and middle third of the lateral aspect of the humerus results in slight abduction of the upper arm axillary nerve, C5-C6.

The forearm will flex at the elbow. My hypothesis for this lab was the mV maximum would be with reinforcement. Stretching of the muscle activated nerve impulses sensory acceptors which travel to the spinal cord sensory neurons where motor neurons travel the impulses to the effector which results in muscle contraction.

Since the biceps is also a supinator, there is often a certain amount of supination. A positive Babinski's sign is indicative of an upper motor neuron lesion affecting the lower extremity in question. Benzon MD, in Essentials of Pain Medicine Fourth EditionReflexes and Coordination Deep tendon reflexes muscle stretch reflexes can also help the clinician to localize a neurologic lesion.

The firing of the spindle afferents is dependent upon the length of the extrafusal fibers as outlined above and the length of the intrafusal fibers. Muscle diseases do not produce a disturbance of the stretch reflex unless the muscle is rendered too weak to contract.

Hold the relaxed lower leg in your hand, and sharply dorsiflex the foot and hold it dorsiflexed.

The Deep Tendon or Muscle Stretch Reflexes

This is because an increase in muscle tone of the arm increases extent of knee jerk. Place the Accelerometer cable toward the back of the hammer so it does not get in the way.

A normal or brisk knee jerk would have little more than one swing forward and one back. The supination is more marked with the forearm extended and pronated, but there is less flexion. More Essay Examples on Muscle Rubric My rationale for my hypothesis was when arms are clenched there will be an increased muscle tone in the rest of your body, therefore on your muscle spindle.

Deep Tendon Reflexes

I hypothesized that hitting the desk would have the longest reflex reaction time, simply because the stimuli had to travel farther. This produces abduction and slight internal rotation of the shoulder. The only variables that I feel would make a difference would be muscle mass, body shape, and physical fitness level.

Use the Jendrassik maneuver if this doesn"t work. The most common error in eliciting the triceps jerk is simply too timorous a blow. The Symphysis Pubis Reflexes Tapping over the symphysis pubis is followed by a contraction of the abdominal muscles and a downward movement of the umbilicus.

There may be associated elevation of the scapula and adduction and external rotation of the humerus through the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, and teres minor. If the patient is in bed, slightly flex the knee by placing your forearm under both knees by contraction of the quadriceps with extension of the lower leg.

Reflexes: Muscle and Reflex Reinforcement Essay

They may become conspicuous when there is hyperreflexia. An absent reflex often makes a dull, thudding sound when the tendon is struck. The patellar reflex is mediated by the femoral nerve L2-L4.

My hypothesis was a reflex with reinforcement would have a greater Max of mV. With the subject sitting comfortably in a chair, click to begin data collection. Stretching of the muscle activated nerve impulses sensory acceptors which travel to the spinal cord sensory neurons where motor neurons travel the impulses to the effector which results in muscle contraction.

The voluntary contraction of muscles not being tested results in facilitation of underactive reflexes and can provide a more accurate assessment of the reflex. There may also be flexion of the wrist and fingers. Record these values in Table 3.

When the afferent limb of the reflex is impaired, there may be a twitch of the flexors of the hand and fingers without flexion and supination of the elbow; this is termed inversion of the reflex.

The knee jerk reflex is mediated by the L3 and L4 nerve roots, mainly L4. Even though all of the results were under a third of a second, they still varied in time.Reinforcement may increase the amplitude of a sluggish reflex or bring out a latent reflex not otherwise obtainable.

Reflexes: Muscle and Reflex Reinforcement Essay

Reflexes that are normal on reinforcement, even though not present without reinforcement, may be considered normal. Skeletal Muscle Function and Reflexes PART 1. NEUROMUSCULAR REFLEXES 1. Obtain a graphical representation of the electrical activity of a muscle activated by a reflex arc through nerves to and from the spinal cord.

2. Associate muscle activity with involuntary activation. Reflex without reinforcement Reflex with reinforcement Reflex. THE REINFORCEMENT OF TENDON-REFLEXES.

Author links open overlay panel A.J. Buller, with increasing strength direct response appears and reflex is occluded. muscle-fibres within the muscle spindles.

The Deep Tendon or Muscle Stretch Reflexes

Reinforcement does not affect the sensitivity of the anterior-horn cells but appears to act on the small motor system. Sep 07,  · One such reflex reinforcement technique is the Jendrassik maneuver (JM), which employs a voluntary anatomically remote muscle contraction concurrent with reflex elicitation.

The Deep Tendon or Muscle Stretch Reflexes

The JM’s effect on amplitude and temporal components of the patellar tendon reflex has been demonstrated [ 2 -. Using a reflex hammer, deep tendon reflexes are elicited in all 4 extremities. Note the extent or power of the reflex, both visually and by palpation of the tendon or muscle in question.

Rate the reflex with the following scale. Examples of spinal reflexes, involving spinal nerves and the spinal cord, include: 1- extensor reflex: leg proprioceptors trigger limb extension 2- myotatic (stretch) reflex: muscle stretch is resisted by reflex contraction of the muscle 3- withdrawal (flexion) reflex: limb flexes to withdraw from a noxious stimulus A spinal reflex is a.

Reflexes muscle and reflex reinforcement
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