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Try to keep latest information on the topic. Villages are real identity of India where we get actual scenario of India. The country is shining in many fields like sports, business, politics and many more but the world is still recognizing India for its diverse culture.

Such important villages have to be our strengths for our country to develop rapidly. Villeges are the backbone of our country. The growth of any economy directly link with the growth of its villages. Indian villages surely forms an integral part of Indians success in global arena.

The contribution of agriculture though declining, still significant in GDP. Oct 12, Hello everyone, From my point of view, villages are the root of the development of our country. The main contribution that they provide is the stability of economy, which is basically lacking in the cities.

But whether they are our strength or our weakness is a real point of concern.

Pueblo Indian villages; visiting the living past

Indian villages are the real backbone of our country. The term village itself signifies Strength. Villages are peaceful than the city and calm also.

Nov 19, Indian villages are definitely the strength of India. We must stop them from going to cities, for that we have to provide earning source at their doorstep menace at villages. So they gradually move to cities for their education, and they settle their seeking city life.

We think it as a strength but the world doesn't think so to make the world think that India is also a developed country, we must develop the villages and make them our real strength and not a drawback.

Indian villages contributes in a big percentage of GDP, now there is requirement of provide facilities so that they can in hence their lifestyle. Then do not show fake emotions. Government should make awareness program in urban areas so that new generation should not migrate to urban area and Accommodate themselves in agriculture.

Even today, Santa Fe still continues to give shoppers access to Native American artwork and unique handmade items.

Government should provide loans and insurance for agriculture. Indian Villages — The name itself brings in a lot of happiness and fun-filled memories. Following these tenuous times, the Spanish Empire formed an alliance with the Pueblo Indians, generally maintaining a peaceful coexistence in the region.

This culture is almost dead in cities but these are still living in villages hence they contribute to our reorganization. At approximately years old, the Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest, continuously occupied villages, and is now recognized as a World Heritage Site, as well as a National Historic Site.

Copyright Group Discussion Ideas. Today, one of the most important points of concern is the absence of proper water facilities. Poverty lies more in villages. In Wales, where the equivalent of an English civil parish is called a Communitythe body that administers it is called a Community Council.

City people are more dependent on village products, rather than villages on city products.Villages are the backbone of our country as we know. Around 70% population of India is villagers, who are completely depend on the Agriculture, or business related to palmolive2day.com life of the people in the villages prove that still Indians are united.

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What are some Indian villages with ground level development? Oct 09,  · Indian villages are our strength, because they contribute the maximum for our agricultural sector, most of our Indian population (more than 70%) lie in the villages. lately, these people are moving into the cities to find jobs and for a better living and end up in slums.

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More information about allergy policies are available on our Allergy FAQ page. Most of India’s population is living in villages. Villages are the backbone of our nation. Government should take steps in order to improve the condition of Indian villages because the development in Indian villages will change the face of India.

Indian villages are our strength because most important part of the Indian GDP is Depend on our Agriculture. It is impossible without village. Our village are play the Important role in supply food and RAW material for business.

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Our indian villages
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