Marketing mix for topshop

Our plan for the company is to build a world level website in different countries, and develop overseas online market. Strategy There Marketing mix for topshop some steps to finish the strategy, firstly, the advisement.

Topshop marketing plan Essay

Topshops website is very easy to navigate and it makes it easier for you to shop by categorizing everything and giving you the option to add filters to your search if you are looking for something specific. This is only really used for make-up or accessories, for example nail polish.

News on information providers, acquisitions, and mergers. For the customers in China and US, they may not very familiar with the new brand, so a good promotion is very important for Topshop. The name, structure and date of establishment Topshop is a British multinational retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories.

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TopShop Marketing

They also do special events, where they provide discounts for a certain period of time, helping to attract customers. Using social media and a blog allows Topshop to interact with the customers and to gain feedback on what they like and dislike about the collections.

PROCESS 08 Topshop products can be purchased in store where you can try on the products and check for the style and fit before purchasing it. Topshop have branded carrier bags for purchases in store. Topman also has higher priced items which are generally sold online or in flagship stores this allows them to diverse in to other audiences who have more disposable budgets.

It was established in Sheffield, UK, in This contact is done by email, you will receive an email to confirm your purchase and then also again when your item is getting dispatched this service gives you the opportunity to track your items when it is out for delivery. In the summer ofUS famous fashion retailer brand Hollister open the first store in Salitun, Beijing, which is the popular commercial district in China, and release a fantastic fashion model performance, after that the sales of the store was growing very fast.

Topman marketing mix

Regular Updates Get regular updates on developing direct repair programs and changes to existing ones. The plan for the company is to open 50 stores in China and 40 stores in US in the next five years. They also have a basics range which is more affordable. Price The average price in topshop is around thirty five pounds, although they have a topshop boutique, where the average garment is around one hundred pounds.

Topshop also uses social media, for example Facebook, where they advertise their products and post the latest fashion and trends for their customers. It also notifies customers when their events are taking place and offers and promotions that are on.

There are two variables- market share and market growth. And they are positioned mid end high street. Topshop also use celebrity endorsement by launching the Kate Moss collection which is modelled by Kate herself.

This also helps Topshop advertise their clothing, and gives them a good luxurious image as their collections are seen on well-known models. We believe if we do our job you will stay with us.

Topshop marketing plan Essay

As well as their stores, they have a great online site, it is very interactive, and does a very good job of advertising their clothes. This price range shows that Topshop makes it accessible for different markets that they target- pre-teens, teens, young adults and adults.

This resulted in a lot of media coverage as it was the first time the British fashion chain opened a pop-up shop in South Africa. This is used to show the business what products are doing well in the market and the products that may be in trouble. Price The average price in topshop is around thirty five pounds, although they have a topshop boutique, where the average garment is around one hundred pounds.

On the website you can also track your order, by seeing where it is and when it is going to arrive Topshop,Topshop has undergone a remarkable transformation since the mid s, changing from a down market outfitter for the nation's teenagers to a seriously cool, trend-setting brand.

The marketing mix is defined as a mixture of several ideas and plans followed by a marketing representative to promote a particular product or brand.

In this blog I will look at Topshop's marketing mix by looking at some of the 7 P's including Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People.

Product A product mix is “the composite group of products that a company makes available to customers” (Dib et al,). The free promotional tote bags for NYC 7P Affordable price for customers Topshop offers large varieties of products Shoes box Sunglasses Box MARKETING MIX PUBLICITY Magazine Newspapers Metro Advertising Billboard According to Linkfluence- the world leader in social media analysis, this resulted in over mentions every month amongst the most.

Your strategy and marketing mix: [Use this section to summarize the overall strategy and marketing mix (The 8 P’s Product: The Topshop corporation will not change fashion clothing as its main product, but more accessories will be promoted to the market.

The Topshop marketing mix strategy is based on its STP strategies and is shaped by the UK’s external environment. However, the company is still strong focused on. Topshop prices are reasonably low with Topshop sitting in the category of ‘fast fashion’ however for the prices of the garments Topshop products are well made and the quality is much better.

Marketing mix for topshop
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