How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form

Embassy is asking for re-verification of already attested degree. People come as early as 5: All queries sent to the designated e-mail address are responded in 72 hours.

I was free by 10 am. Please visit official website of HEC for updated information about this attestation process. Court orders captured Ukrainian sailors held for two months She also said that the new attestation policy will have no impact on PhD degrees attestation as it has separate procedure of registration and attestation.

Infact when he checked all the documents and none were missing Mashallah, he smiled.

Letter for Attestation of Documents

This will save to 10 days. First step is to get your name registered with a guy seated just outside the HEC gate. What should I do for the attestation of my duplicate degree?

It tells you what to carry with you when coming to HEC. Please save that print page and open in word and make 2 files, one for challan and other for form. Incomplete information may cause inconvenience for you at later stage. There is also a two step verification process for PhD applicants.

Yes, only the HEC attested documents are sealed on the request of applicant and handed over to the applicant for onward submission to the relevant agency.

She said that universities or degree awarding institutes will have to verify the previous academic record of the student and HEC will later verify the bachelors and masters degree on that authenticity. After successful scrutiny, they will schedule their visit according to their convenience and subject to availability of slot.

Degree Attestation by HEC: Name mistake in degree is also accaptable. If you are unable to find a degree program or a department in education tab; Please use "Search and Add Missing Degree Program" option to search missing degree in your education tab.

No, foreign degrees are not attested by the HEC. Although most universities have been completing entries to the PQR proactively, universities with a slower response are being advised to entry their degree programmes to the PQR as soon as possible to streamline attestation and other related processes.

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No, it is not necessary for the degree holder to come in person. Then you will be able to move beyond step 2 of HEC online form. Spokesperson HEC Aayesha Ikram talking to The Nation said that the decision has been taken for the facilitation of students keeping in view their complaints in the verification process.

The HEC will verify the record for subsequent attestation.

How to Attest Degree from HEC, Pakistan?

The official said that several times the degree issued by higher education institution was authentic but degrees of intermediate and matriculation were found fake. Becuase I have seen almost everyone in line sent for either photocopies, print forms, this and that.Sample Authority Letter for HEC Degree Attestation There are many Pakistanis residing outside Pakistan or live in smaller cities and have to travel to Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi to get their degrees attested from HEC centres.

It is notified for the information of General Public that due to launch of new online degree attestation system, the documents are being submitted for attestation by a person other than the degree holder, the authority letter for the authorized person is required.

Khasa, Aaliya and Almiya in the online application form and attach. Degree attestation from HEC Islamabad is one of the common requirements of Pakistanis working abroad or planning to work in any other countries like Saudi. In case of absence of degree holder, authority letter duly attested by Grade officer for authorized person.

Copy of I.D.

Sample Attestation Letters

Card of authorized person. Attach original receipt of payment of processing issued by HEC Finance Division/5(20). According to HEC, the new system lists more than 20, degree programmes in PQR, which is an online database containing a list of HEC-approved degree programmes offered by public and private.

Degree attestation from HEC Islamabad is often required when applying for work, study or immigration in US and Canada and other countries. Degree and Transcripts attestation from HEC Islamabad is also required for WES (World Education Services) evaluation of credentials.

Online Degree Attestation And Verification System Is Introduced By HEC Download
How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form
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