Fieldman insurance co inc vs vda de songco case digest essay

Posted by rsb at. Relative to the second issue of alleged concealment. Ngo Hing supplied the essential data which Lapulapu D.


The interpretation of the word "stored" is quite difficult, in view of the many decisions upon the various conditions presented. MICO allegedly cancelled the policy for non-payment, of the premium and sent the corresponding notice to Pinca December 24, Mondragon and Great Pacific Life Assurance Company from their civil liabilities as found by respondent Court and ordering the aforesaid insurance company to reimburse the amount of P1, Delay in acting on Page 10 of 20 the application does not constitute acceptance even though the insured has forwarded his first premium with his application.

Sambat answered that it did not matter because the insurance company was not owned by the government and therefore had nothing to do with rules and regulations of the latter Fieldman.

Fieldman Insurance Co. Inc. vs Vda de Songco Case Digest Essay

Philamlife wrote the beneficiaries in Sep. One of the conditions of said contract of insurance is found in "warranty B" and is as follows: An insurer is entitled to payment of the premium as soon as the thing is exposed to the peril insured against. If the applicant shall not have been insurable under Condition A above, and the Company declines to approve the application the insurance applied for shall not have been in force at any time and the sum paid be returned to the applicant upon the surrender of this receipt.

Florentino and Elisera Chiong were married sometime in January but have been separated in fact since WON the insurance contract was perfected. InKwong died of cancer of the liver with metastasis.

He was issued a Policy valued at P, Said respondent supplied the essential data which petitioner Lapulapu D. Hence, the deed of donation by Francisco in favor of Cirila is void under Art.

Contracts of insurance are to be construed liberally in favor of the insured and strictly against the insurer. Until such a definite policy is however, adopted by the company, it can hardly be said that it could have been bound at all under the binding slip for a plan of insurance that it could not have, by then issued at all.

As the herein petition was filed on July 2,or nineteen days later, there is no question that it is tardy by four days. Court of Appeals, et al, Phil ; Saturnino vs.

Under Article of the Civil Code, the separation in fact between husband and wife without judicial approval shall not affect the conjugal partnership.

Page 17 of 20 Insular Life Insurance Corp. Examples of Life annuity are pensions. Herrer died on Dec. The aforequoted provisions printed on Exhibit E show that the binding deposit receipt is intended to be merely a provisional or temporary insurance contract and only upon compliance of the following conditions: The delivery and acceptance by the applicant was a suspensive condition which was not fulfilled in as much as the applicant was already dead at the time the policy was issued.

When private respondent supplied the required essential data for the insurance application form, he was fully aware that his one-year old daughter is typically a mongoloid child.

Instead, on 6 MayMondragon wrote back Pacific Life again strongly recommending the approval of the year endowment life insurance on the ground that Pacific Life is the only insurance company not selling the year endowment insurance plan to children, pointing out that since the customers, especially the Chinese, were asking for such coverage.

All property acquired by the spouses during the marriage is presumed to belong to the conjugal partnership of gains, unless it is proved that it pertains exclusively to the husband or to the wife. It had control over what vessel it would use.

In OctoberFrancisco died and inthe lot received by Cirila had a market value of P57, and assessed value of P28, Costs against private respondent.

Had he diamond said significant fact in the insurance application form Pacific Life would have verified the same and would have had no choice but to disapprove the application outright. While said insurance policy was in full force and effect, the insured, Carlie Surposa, died on October 18, as a result of a stab wound inflicted by one of the three 3 unidentified men.

The appellate court ruled likewise. At this juncture, We find it fit to quote with approval, the very apt observation of then Appellate Associate Justice Ruperto G. Such fact appears from positive testimony for the insured that appellant's agents inspected the premises; and the simple denials of appellant's representative Jamiczon can not overcome that proof.

From that judgment the defendant appealed to this court. BF refused to pay the proceeds amounting to P, under the additional policy coverage of P50, because they maintain that such policy had not been perfected.

Elisera, however, refused to sign a deed of sale. InKwon Nam applied for a 20yr endowment insurance on his life with his wife, Ng Gan Zee as the beneficiary. Raymundo of the Chinese General Hospital on Februaryfor cough and flu complications. Likewise, Mondragon handwrote at the bottom of the back page of the application form his strong recommendation for the approval of the insurance application.Fieldman Insurance Co.

Inc. vs Vda de Songco Case Digest Essay Individual Effective Business Communication Commerce Essay Get help with your homework. Insurance Cases - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fieldman Insurance Co.

Inc. vs Vda de Songco Case Digest Essay ADDITIONAL BATCH 7 (SORRY GUYS) /FIELDMAN vs SONGCO/CBR FACTS: Federico Songco of Floridablanca, Pampanga, a man of scant education being only a first graderowned a.

Fieldman's Insurance Co. Inc vs Vda de Songco. Gr No Navotas Industrial v German Cruz. Hyatt vs. Ley Construction. BAR Civil. Gamis vs CA. Estrada vs. Sandiganbayan. Transportation Law Case Digests and Uploaded by.

Thirdy Demonteverde. AGRA CD. Uploaded by. Thirdy Demonteverde. Gr No. David Dula v Maravilla. Abstraction Peoples v. Lardiewas an instrumental instance within Michigan jurisprudence.

It defined the parametric quantities by which due procedure and work forces rea readings could be extended in a condemnable Read More "People v. Lardie Case Essay". FIELDMEN’S INSURANCE CO. vs. VDA. DE SONGCO FACTS: Federico Songco owned a private jeepney. On September 15,he was induced by Fieldmen's insurance agent Benjamin Sambat to apply for a Common Carrier's Liability Insurance Policy covering his motor vehicle.

He was issued a Common Carriers Accident Insurance Policy. On the next year, he.

Fieldman insurance co inc vs vda de songco case digest essay
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